These peacekeepers from the Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 2 of Vietnam are hurrily wrapping chung cakes, decorating apricot and peach branches and rehearsing art performances.

PANO would like to introduce some images of the preparations.

Hanging the national flag, an indispensable part of Tet celebrations in South Sudan
Without fresh peach blossoms, Vietnamese peacekeepers make their own peach branches to ensure a cozy spring in a place with scorching weather 
An altar worshipping Late President Ho Chi Minh with a tray of fruits, including a green papaya planted by Vietnamese peacekeepers
Preparing banana leaves to wrap chung cakes because there are no phrynium leaves in Bentiu. Banana leaves were found and cut in Bentiu
Ingredients for a chung cake, including green bean, glutinous rice is brought from Vietnam. Meat is provided by the UN
Wrapping chung cakes in a distant country helps the peacekeepers feel closer to Tet in the homeland
A warm Tet with comrades around the pot of chung cakes
Tet atmosphere in Bentiu
First batch of chung cakes brings traditional Tet to Vietnamese peacekeepers

Translated by Mai Huong