The US Embassy delegation bikes from Cot Co Lung Cu to a nearby Lo Lo village 

During the first stop in Ha Giang, Ambassador Osius visited Hoang Su Phi district to meet with local leaders and learn about the local economy, including an organic tea processing facility. In addition, the delegation toured Pan Hou Village Eco-lodge to learn more about eco-friendly tourism in the area.

Ambassador Osius, along with local and provincial representatives, inaugurated the Pho Bang Primary School, which hosts a new three-story building with eight classrooms and two meeting rooms and was the 20th school in Vietnam constructed with funding from the US Pacific Command’s Overseas Humanitarian Disaster Assistance and Civic Action Program. In addition to inaugurating the Pho Bang Primary School, Ambassador Osius presented new bunk beds and bedding, lunch room trays, and gift bags to over 300 students of Sung La Primary School on behalf of the US Embassy community and private donors, while visiting Dong Van District.

Ambassador Osius learns about the history of the H’mong kings while touring the palace 

“These children are the future leaders of Vietnam and the world, and the people of the United States are delighted to share these gifts with Sung La in honor of our enduring friendship,” noted Ambassador Osius while in Dong Van.

Following the school inauguration, the Ambassador bicycled from Pho Bang to Nha Vuong, the historic palace of a former H’mong King. While biking to Nha Vuong, the Embassy delegation viewed Ha Giang’s hallmark natural karst scenery and met with locals along the way. During the tour of Nha Vuong, the Ambassador learned about the history of King Vuong Chinh Duc and about the history of the palace.

Ambassador Osius talks with local students about their career goals and the importance of education 

While in Ha Giang, the Ambassador also visited one of Vietnam’s most iconic sites and one of the most northern points in the country, Cot Co Lung Cu. The Ambassador also visited a nearby Lo Lo village to learn about how they are developing sustainable tourism in the area that highlights the region’s ethnic diversity.

Ambassador Osius also kicked off the last section of his bicycle journey through Ha Giang at Ma Pi Leng Pass, considered the King of Passes and one of the most beautiful sites in the region. Following his visit to Ma Pi Leng, the Ambassador, joined by a group of local students, biked to Meo Vac, where he and the students discussed their career goals and the importance of education.

To conclude his visit to Ha Giang, Ambassador Osius visited the Thanh Tam Parish Catholic Church in Ha Giang City to learn about religious life in the province. The church, which was built in 2012, performs religious services and holds regular masses for local residents.

Reported by Thu Hang