Addressing the meeting, VCCI Can Tho’s Deputy Director Nguyen Phuong Lam have said that the Mekong Delta is the nation’s largest farm produce processing and production area with its large volume of rice, aqua-products and fruit exports. However, its export value has remained low as local exporters have mainly exported raw materials and faced technical barriers of product quality when exporting their products to foreign markets.

At the event

Moreover, a limited connection between producers and businesses has made more difficult to specify the origin and production process of local farm produce, not to mention the difficulty in verifying the origin and production of the products. Furthermore, food safety has also caused much concern to consumers.

To boost the competitiveness of the local farm produce and build trust and credibility with consumers, specialists agreed to apply “Blockchain” technology as an effective measure.

With “Blockchain” technology, agricultural companies can create a system recording the whole production process of farm produce. Thanks to that, farmers will be paid more while retailers and consumers can check the quality of farm produce they sell and buy.

Furthermore, the technology can help exporters standardize the production process, raise the value of trademarks, and expand markets, which in return will generate more profits, reduce marketing costs and grow in the local market.

Finally, the technology helps eliminate trade frauds, facilitate stored goods management and promote connections between farmers and customers and improve food safety.

Translated by Chung Anh