Viettel with its top mission “Innovation for humans”

At the 30th founding ceremony of Viettel, Acting Chairman and Director General of Viettel Major General Le Dang Dung underscored the company’s MISION “Innovation for humans,” saying that Viettel continues to play a leading role in telecommunication, ICT and other technologies as well as digital transformation and building of a digital society in Vietnam. In doing so, it will focus on developing electronics and telecommunication engineering, defense industry, and cyber security defense in order to keep up with the rest of the world in industry 4.0 and contribute positively to protecting national security, territorial sovereignty in both physical and virtual spaces.

Customers experiencing Viettel’s services

In the short run, Viettel will immediately invest in “Internet of Things” (IoT) infrastructure and soon provide 5G services with the aim of facilitating national development in industry 4.0. Additionally, Viettel will focus on research, development and supply of digital products and services, including mobile money, digital data systems used in education-training and e-commerce, and social networks. With its strong capabilities, Viettel will also participate actively in the building of e-government, citizen data and national resources data systems.

In the period 2019-20, Viettel will successfully complete digital transformation, General Dung affirmed. Accordingly, the company will become a digital organization that operates on the basis of digital technology and network. “It is time for the company to apply Data lake, Dashboard, ERP, Data Analytic and so on to its management, business and production. The company will set an example of a successful digital company in Vietnam,” said Viettel’s top official.

Meanwhile, Viettel’s Deputy Director General Do Minh Phuong highlighted Viettel’s 2019 slogan “Innovation, Creativity, Breakthrough, Vanguard” as the company’s top mission. He said, “Viettel has experienced four phases of development. In the first 10 years, we, Viettel’s staff, worked as a contractor for other companies, building base transceiver stations and the like for telecoms, radio and T.V stations. We always tried to find the best way to complete projects and collected working experience in telecommunications. In the next decade, Viettel started doing business in telecommunications. With our experienced workers and innovative engineers, we made a number of breakthroughs in Vietnam’s mobile service sector. In the third phase, Viettel embarked on research and development of mobile products and services, and started investing in foreign markets. We had a number of important achievements in building mobile infrastructure, managing mobile network and developing mobile technologies. We successfully invested in and ran mobile networks in foreign countries. We also researched and developed important network security solutions. In current phase, we have undertaken the mission of developing a digital society in Vietnam. We are now considering our clients’ demands an incentive for our innovations.”

Controlling robot by Viettel’s 5G technology

According to Director of Viettel Telecom Cao Anh Son, his company has set an objective to become the No1 digital telecom in the country. The company will soon provide sufficient infrastructure, technical solutions and connection equipment for IoT services.

“Viettel Telecom will develop a digital ecosystem. It takes its clients as the center for development. And it will provide various services, including television, cloud data services, big data analysis, IoT services and mobile advertisement on its 4G and 5G networks,” Viettel Telecom’s Director said.

Viettel leading in national digital transformation

Speaking at the 30th founding anniversary of Viettel, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that the country has had an opportunity better than ever before. The Party and State have entrusted Viettel to take the lead in industry 4.0. The Prime Minister officially assigned Viettel to become a powerful telecommunication and industry company in the region and world, which generates valuable hi-tech products and services.

The Prime Minister requested that Viettel should enter the list of the world’s largest telecoms by 2025 with an annual average growth rate of 10% and above of which hi-tech products and services make up 50%. When it celebrates the 100th founding anniversary, Viettel should become one of the world’s hi-tech products and services providers and have some key products with advanced technologies that can regulate international standards.

The Prime Minister also asked Viettel to take the lead in national digital transformation, hold responsible for building a digital government, digital economy and digital society. In the immediate future, the company should soon complete its 5G network and provide 5G services to facilitate national development in industry 4.0.

According to the Prime Minister, Vietnam should take advantage of the fourth industrial revolution to develop a digital economy, a digital society so as to escape the middle income nation trap and become a developed country by 2045. Whether these goals are reached depends much on technological companies, of which Viettel is the most expected.

Translated by Thu Nguyen