The province has defined the locations for the potential solar power plants, with a total acreage of nearly 7,500 hectares.

Most of the facilities will be built in exhausted land in Ea Sup, Buon Don and Krong Bong districts.


Among the approved investors, Xuan Thien Co. Ltd. based in northern Ninh Binh province plans to build a 2.2 billion USD solar power plant with a capacity of 2,000 MW, while Long Thanh Investment Joint Stock Company will spend over 7 trillion VND (308 million USD) to build a 250 MW factory.

The US power group AES Corporation will invest over 16.8 trillion VND (740 million USD) to build a plant with 300-500 MW.

Vietnam dairy company TH True Milk Group was also allowed to invest in the field.

Over the past time, Dak Lak has put forth a number of incentives regarding land lease and corporate tax to attract investors as well as reform administrative procedures.

According to the Vietnam Energy Agency and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, Dak Lak is located in the area with high solar energy potential of about 95 GWh per year and average solar radiation of 5kWh per square meter a day. The most potential regions are Ea Sup, Buon Don, Krong Bong and Ea H’leo districts.

At present, Dak Lak is mapping out a solar power plan through 2020 with a vision to 2030.

Source: VNA