At a trial on the medical incident in Hoa Binh province (Photo: VNA)

Hoa Binh (VNA) – The Investigation Police Agency of Hoa Binh Police Department on November 20 launched legal proceedings against director of Thien Son Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Do Anh Tuan for “lacking responsibility causing serious consequences”.

He was prosecuted for his involvement in a medical incident that left nine patients dead at Hoa Binh General Hospital on May 29, 2017 and was placed under house arrest.

Thien Son company signed a contract on May 25, 2017 to repair and maintain the RO water filter No.2 used for kidney dialysis at the hospital. However, the firm then sold the contract to Tram Anh Water Treatment Co., Ltd.

On May 29, 2017, 18 patients suffered from symptoms of anaphylactic shock, with difficulty breathing, a sudden fall in blood pressure, stomach ache and vomiting while receiving kidney dialysis at Hoa Binh General Hospital’s Department of Intensive Care. Nine of the patients died.

According to authorised agencies, substandard water for kidney dialysis and equipment that wasn’t maintained and operated properly caused the incident.

Immediately after the incident, local police commenced criminal proceedings against Bui Manh Quoc (Director of the Tram Anh Water Treatment Co., Ltd), Tran Van Son, employee of the medical material and equipment division at the Hoa Binh hospital and Hoang Cong Luong, doctor in the Department of the Intensive Care of the Hoa Binh General Hospital.

The first-instance trial on the medical incident was held in May, 2018. However, the trial panel returned the file on the case on June 5 and asked authorities to carry out additional investigations.

On July 2, Deputy Director of the Hoa Binh General Hospital Hoang Dinh Khieu and former head of the hospital’s Medical Materials and Equipment Department Tran Van Thang were prosecuted for “unintentionally causing deaths” and “lacking responsibility causing serious consequences”. They were also banned from leaving their residences.-VNA