Northern province holds fire prevention and fighting exercise

Practicing fire fighting to  protect the ammunition depot K4 at the exercise.

PANO - The Son La provincial authorities and Military Command on November 28th successfully completed an exercise in forest fire control and prevention, part of a plan to protect its ammunition depot K4 in Son La city. The event, the biggest exercise in the province, took place at Tay Bac University and at the office of the Quyet Tam commune People's Committee, with the participation of nearly 800 locals, troops and students. It aims to increase the sense of responsibility and ability to prevent and fight fire and protect forests among local authorities, organizations and people. The exercise's steering board considered the exercise a success, laying a good foundation for other units to improve their plans on fire fighting and control, forest protection at all levels and learning from experience on force mobilization when a fire occurs. At the end of the event, the provincial authorities presented 37 certificates of merits to outstanding individuals and groups in preparing and … [Read more...]

Vietnam attends Moscow’s major fundraising event

Visitors at the Vietnamese booth. (Source: Vietnam+)

Vietnam’s handicrafts and cuisine attracted attention at the 2015 IWC Winter Bazaar, an annual fundraising event held by the International Women’s Club of Moscow (IWC), at Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow, Russia on November 28. Spouses of diplomats and officials from 65 embassies and international organisations in Moscow brought to the event a variety of handicrafts, signature items and traditional cuisine. The 2015 IWC Winter Bazaar is known as the largest charity event on the eve of Christmas in Moscow. Last year, it attracted about 3,500 visitors alongside 600 volunteers and sponsors and raised more than 7 million RUB for charity projects. Source: VNA … [Read more...]

ASEAN gala night held in Singapore

A Trong Com (rice drum) dance performance by Vietnamese women at the event.

The ASEAN Gala Night 2015, an annual event aimed at promoting ASEAN culture and strengthening solidarity, connectivity and integration in the region, was held on November 27 by ASEAN missions in Singapore at the Indonesian Embassy. The diversity of ASEAN culture and traditional cuisine of ASEAN member countries were featured at the event. Vietnamese traditional dishes such as Pho, rice noodle with broth, and Nem or spring rolls drew special interest of participants. A Trong Com (rice drum) dance performance by Vietnamese women living in Singapore was also a focus at the event. Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Nguyen Tien Minh said that the gala was an important event as the ASEAN leaders recently signed a declaration on the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community at the end of this year. The gala night was initiated by the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore in 2010. Source: VNA … [Read more...]

Seoul exhibition spotlights China’s illicit island reclamation activities

Visitors at the exhibition. (Photo: Vietnam+)

A photo exhibition on China’s illegal construction of artificial islands in the East Sea was opened at the Kyung Hee University, a renowned school in Seoul of the Republic of Korea (RoK), on November 29. The event is held by the association of descendants of Vietnam’s Ly dynasty family in the RoK as part of the 11th festival of Vietnamese students in the country. It features more than 40 photos on China’s illegal island reclamation and building in the East Sea and copies of old maps proving Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes. Opening the display, Chairman of the association Lee Seung Young said the East Sea is home to an international shipping route, which is important to all countries inside and outside of the region. The maintenance of an environment of peace, stability and development in the waters is the responsibility of all nations and crucial to ensuring peace, security, navigation and aviation … [Read more...]

ASEAN diplomats hold exchange in Prague

Diplomats from ASEAN countries posing for a joint photo at the event.

Ambassadors and diplomats from ASEAN countries in the Czech Republic held a friendship exchange in Prague on November 27. According to Vietnamese Ambassador Truong Manh Son, the event is among regular activities of ASEAN member countries’ representative agencies in Prague, which aim at strengthening solidarity and collaboration among ASEAN diplomatic offices in the host country. The ASEAN Committee in the Czech Republic consists of the embassies of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Events organized annually by the committee include a food festival, an ASEAN Family Day, and an ASEAN film festival. ASEAN groups Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Source: VNA … [Read more...]

Over 18,000 people join Terry Fox Run

People joined the 17th Terry Fox Charity Run in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013.

More than 18,000 residents of Ho Chi Minh City and neighbouring provinces joined in the Terry Fox Run on November 29 to raise funds for cancer research and treatment activities. The annual event, held by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the Consulate General of Canada and the HCM City Union of Friendship Organisations, took place at the Phu My Hung area in District 7. This is the 19th year the event has been organized in Vietnam. Participants were from all social strata such as children, students, employees of organisations and businesses, and foreigners. Since the run was a community activity, they could walk, cycle or roller skate along the 5km distance, organisers said. The Terry Fox Run commemorates Canadian cancer activist Terry Fox, who made a Marathon of Hope run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research in 1980 after losing his leg to osteosarcoma. Since the first run in Canada in 1981, the event has taken place annually in more than 60 countries with … [Read more...]

Workshop in Poland highlights Vietnam’s development

At the event. (Source: Vietnam+)

A workshop highlighting Vietnam’s Doi Moi (renewal), development and integration was held in the Polish capital of Warsaw on November 27 as part of activities to mark the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The participants discussed the socio-economic performance of Vietnam and the country’s status now 30 years after the launch of Doi Moi. They examined the prospects for Vietnam’s development following the conclusion of negotiations on the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement as well as the establishment of the ASEAN Community at the end of 2015. The ties between Vietnam and Poland in the context of complicated developments in the region and the world, including the tensions in the East Sea, also attracted participants’ attention, as did the deeper integration of the Vietnamese community in Poland in recent years. Former Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee under … [Read more...]

About 16,800 join Terry Fox Run in Ho Chi Minh City

The 2015 Terry Fox Run attracts 16,800 participants. Photo:  Dong Nguyen/ Tuoi Tre News     A group of participants pose for a photo with two former presidents of CanCham Vietnam who hold Vietnamese and Canadian flags.  Photo:

Around 16,800 people, including foreigners and Vietnamese people, took part in the annual Terry Fox Run charity event in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday morning. The run, which was in its 19th year, was organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CanCham Vietnam) in collaboration with the Consulate General of Canada and the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations. The international Terry Fox Run, which has stepped into its 35th year, is held around the world in commemoration of Canadian cancer activist Terry Fox, and his Marathon of Hope, and to raise money for cancer research. An active teenager involved in many sports, Fox was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer and forced to have his right leg amputated 15 centimeters above the knee in 1977. While in hospital, he was so overcome by the suffering of other cancer patients, many of whom were children, that he decided to run across Canada from coast to coast to raise money for cancer … [Read more...]

Singaporean donates MRI scanner to help AO victims

Harold Chan Soo York presented the US$1.45 million scanner to the hospital at a ceremony on November 29. A Singaporean entrepreneur has donated a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to the Da Nang Hospital in central Da Nang city to assist with the examination and treatment of local Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims. The businessman said he will continue to work with the Da Nang Association of Victims of AO/dioxin to raise US$158,890 for the purchase of medical equipment serving the treatment of AO/dioxin victims. On this occasion, Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Huynh Duc Tho presented a certificate of merit to the entrepreneur in recognition of his contributions. According to the Vietnam Association of Victims of AO/dioxin, between 1961 and 1971, the US army sprayed 80 million litres of herbicides, including nearly 400 kg of dioxin, onto the southern battlefield. Among 4.8 million people exposed to the toxic chemical, about 3 million are AO victims. … [Read more...]

Number of new enterprises surges 28.1% in 11 months

More than 86,800 new enterprises were registered in 11 months ending in November, a 28.1% year-on-year increase, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam. The new enterprises registered total capital of US$23.9 billion, hiking up 37.7% compared to the same time last year. In addition, operational enterprises pumped an additional US$33 billion into their activities in the period. As a result, more than 1.3 million jobs were created, up 32.9% against the same period in 2014. November saw the establishment of over 9,300 enterprises with total registered capital of US$2.3 billion, posing a 19.9% increase in number and 35.5% rise in capital from October. The Office also reported that 18,646 enterprises resumed their operation in 11 months, 31.2% higher than last year’s figure, said to be spurred by economic recovery and Government’s efforts to improve business climate and support firms to overcome difficulties. Meanwhile, some 62,713 companies were … [Read more...]

Vietnam attends World Radiocommunication Conference 2015

The Vietnamese delegation, led by Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai, also joined other Asian-Pacific countries in 12 other proposals submitted to the conference. Vietnam has been active at the recently concluded World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) in Geneva, Switzerland, bringing three proposals to the event. The proposals are aimed at ensuring harmony in the use of radio frequencies between Vietnam and other countries in the world while protecting the national interests in the use of radio frequencies and satellite orbits, particularly frequency bands used for its VINASAT satellite system The WRC-15, wrapping up on November 27, approved a resolution on maintaining the current Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time scale with leap seconds until the WRC in 2023. A suggestion on abolishing the leap seconds surfaced in 2000 but countries around the world have contradictory viewpoints on this issue due to their specific conditions in … [Read more...]

Denmark holds first Danish Footprints event in Vietnam


The Danish Embassy in Hanoi and many Danish firms operating in Vietnam on Saturday joined hands to organize Danish Footprints 2015 in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, which was a social event to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Vietnam-Denmark diplomatic relations. The event, held for the first time in Vietnam, offered a chance for Danish firms to meet and share their business management policies to support Vietnamese people and the community where the companies and their employees are operating in. It was organized also to honor social work associated with the corporate social responsibility of Danish firms toward sustainable development. The event featured many activities, including a Lego brick jigsaw and coloring game for small children, a jog around the Ban Nguyet Lake, and dancesport aimed at raising public awareness of health and environmental protection. Thoai Tran/Tuoi Tre News There was also a photo exhibition, entitled "Action for Changes," which showcased images … [Read more...]

Projects aim to keep rivers above water

Tranquility: Fishermen go fishing along the Red River. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Quyet

Water resource organisations work to maintain a stable flow and reduce pollution in the Red-Thai Binh river system as illegal sand miners continue to devastate the riverbed. Ha Nguyen reports. The Red-Thai Binh rivers system has many irrigation works and four big dams to regulate water resources, but drought, shortage of water and floods are still common occurrences. The four dams on the Red and Thai Binh rivers account for millions of cubic metres of water flowing through them. Meanwhile, solutions to maintain a stable flow, reduce pollution and salt-water contamination, as well as illegal sand mining were still inadequate, Bui Nam Sach, head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Institute of Water Resources Planning (IWRP), said at a seminar on the final result of the IMRR project in Ha Noi last week. The Integrated and Sustainable Water Management of Red-Thai Binh Rivers (RTBR) System in a Changing Climate project is a co-operation between the IWRP and Italy's … [Read more...]

Seoul exhibition spotlights China’s illicit island reclamation

A photo exhibition on China’s illegal construction of artificial islands in the East Sea was opened at the Kyung Hee University, a renowned school in Seoul of the Republic of Korea (RoK), on November 29. The event is held by the association of descendants of Vietnam’s Ly dynasty family in the RoK as part of the 11th festival of Vietnamese students in the country. It features more than 40 photos on China’s illegal island reclamation and building in the East Sea and copies of old maps proving Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes. Opening the display, Chairman of the association Lee Seung Young said the East Sea is home to an international shipping route which is important to all countries inside and outside of the region. The maintenance of an environment of peace, stability and development in the waters is the responsibility of all nations and crucial to ensuring peace, security, navigation and aviation … [Read more...]

HCM City boosts tourism cooperation with Japanese region

Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan made the remark while receiving Governor of Hyogo prefecture Ido Toshizo on November 28. Ho Chi Minh City is keen to develop tourism partnership with Japan and particularly Kansai region. Quan said he hopes more tourists from Kansai region will visit HCM City in the coming time. He invited Japanese businesses to attend the city’s annual international tourism fair in September to boost bilateral cooperation in the field. Governor Ido Toshizo said a number of programmes have been held in Vietnam to promote Kansai to Vietnamese people. The region hopes to greet more Vietnamese tourists in the time ahead, he added. A business delegation from Hyogo prefecture has also conducted a trip to study investment environment in several Vietnamese localities, he noted. The Governor expressed his delight at the growing economics and tourism ties between the two countries, which has helped increase mutual understanding and … [Read more...]

Woman offers classes to get students on track

Meaningful: For Kieu Thi Anh Thuyet, helping the students study every day is the most precious gift that life has given her. — Photo

A woman in Vinh Phuc Province with dwarfism has faced discrimination all her life, but she made her own opportunities when she started teaching free classes for struggling students. Minh Trang and Nguyen Thao report. Being just 1.1m tall, anyone will find it difficult to lead a normal life, but Kieu Thi Anh Thuyet, from the northern province of Vinh Phuc, has done just that. For over 10 years, Thuyet, also known as "small teacher" has scripted a fairy tale while organising a free class for poor children in her homeland. Every Saturday and Sunday, the students eagerly go to Thuyet's class which is also her family's simple wooden house in Cao Phong commune, Song Lo District to listen to her unique lectures. Thuyet, 34, is the youngest in a family of eight brothers and sisters, but she is at a disadvantage when compared with them because of her congenital dwarfism. While her friends gradually grew bigger and taller, she stopped growing when she reached 1.1m. Every day when Thuyet went … [Read more...]

Ancient tombs reflect cultural exchange

Evidence of old love: The grave of Tani Yajirobei, which was built in 1647, with Japanese carved scripts. Stele is the oldest and clearest information related to a love affair between him and a local woman in Hoi An. — VNS Photos Cong Thanh

The tombs of families of Japanese traders who died in Hoi An in the 17th century have been cared for by generations of local people. They have become a cross-cultural project for researchers from the two countries. Hoai Nam reports. Vietnamese and Japanese cultural researchers from Hoi An's Centre for Cultural Heritage Management Preservation and Japanese universities have been seeking the families of three Japanese traders who died and were buried in Hoi An in the 17th century. Their tombs, which have been preserved by local people in Cam Chau Commune, attracts Japanese residents and tourists. According to the centre, Japanese businessmen stayed in Hoi An as their second home over 400 years ago when the port town was well-known as a busy trading centre. Researcher Vo Hong Viet said there were 40 Japanese tombs in Hoi An, but three in Cam Chau Commune were the largest and easiest to access from Hoi An. "We have been working with Japanese researchers in our search for information … [Read more...]

Film student’s real passion is ribbon painting

Flora: Ribbon paintings with the theme of foliage always inspire her to create.

Though she's working for a master's degree in film, Vu Hai Linh spends hours per day creating elaborate, beaded ribbon paintings - and she's started displaying them at exhibitions around the city. Minh Thu reports. For Vu Hai Linh, the most relaxed time during the day is two hours before bedtime, when she is completely wrapped up in ribbon paintings. Under her hands, colourful ribbons that vary in size and length are embroidered with paintings of foliage and still life. Linh, 27, is busy doing a master's degree in film. However, she still tries to spend two hours a day embroidering ribbon paintings, a passion she has nurtured for many years. Linh was inspired to embroider by her mother, who is very talented in traditional hand-embroidery. At first, she learned from her the technique of embroidering with colourful threads. Then when she grew up and had a chance to read foreign books, she realised that ribbon embroidery was more interesting and inspired her. She began to order … [Read more...]

Treat yourself to a VIP meal at Cau Go

Mix of flavours: Goi buoi tron cha bong tom (colourful pomelo and dried prawn salad. — VNS Photos Thuy Hang  Gift basket: Nem chay chien (deep-fried vegetable spring rolls).   Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine  Address: Level 5-6, Building No 7, Dinh Tien Hoang St,  Opening time: 10am-11pm  Tel: +84 4 39260808  Comment: Very nice view, elegant decor, delicious food

Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine is a quiet balcony oasis removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Small design touches and subtle flavours make a dinner there worth the splurge. Thuy Hang reports. Located on the fifth and sixth floor of a building in the heart of downtown Ha Noi, Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine seems detached from the noisy, busy street. Here, in this balcony oasis, where your ears aren't bothered by motorbike horns or the chants of street vendors, all you need to do is look out of the glass doors at the busy street below or see the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake with Ngoc Son Temple and The Huc Bridge mirrored in the shimmering water. The restaurant, of course, offers more than its stunning view. Its elegant decor reflects a harmony of Oriental and Western features. While the antique fans, black-and-white photos of old Ha Noi, or the old wooden windows give a sense of the past, the comfortable couches and contemporary wooden ceiling offer a modern twist. The menu, … [Read more...]

Fashion icon says her work must impress


Fashion show producer and model Jessica Minh Anh is an expert in transforming the world's most iconic venues into phenomenal catwalks. Before her most recent "floating catwalk" on the River Seine in Paris in October, Jessica created the world's first solar-powered catwalk at the award-winning solar plant Gemasolar in Sevilla, Spain in July. Other world-famous places such as the Eiffel Tower in France, the Tower Bridge in London, One World Trade Center, Gardens by the Bays Skyway in Singapore and the Petronas Twin Towers' Skybridge in Malaysia have been featured in her work. During her recent visit to Viet Nam, the Ha Noi-born woman chatted with Nguyen Thuy Hang about her unique work. Inner Sanctum: When you were young what did you first want to do? When I was young, I was very interested in event organising. I've actually been organising events all my life. And because I've studied piano and fine arts, I've just wanted to do something related to art or build up a career in … [Read more...]